Dare to buy /black/

We are proud to release Dare to Buy Black!

In support of August being National Black Business Month and us being a Black-owned business, it’s incredibly important that we continue amplifying Black businesses, especially Dare to be /yer’self/!

WE are so grateful to celebrate our four year anniversary! It’s crazy that we have achieved so much within three years, and going into our fourth year, we are raising the bar in everything that we do. We thank you for your continuous support.

Dare To Buy /Black/ t-shirts
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dare TO BE /DENIM/



Dare to be Yer’self was founded and created by Ty Davis in 2019.

Dare To Be Yer’self is a motivational/inspirational brand that champions individualism and encourages everyone to live as their most authentic self. More specifically, we specialize in apparel that promotes positive sentiments. Based out of Detroit Michigan 

As part of this mission, each month, the company rolls out a new theme, focusing on a more nuanced concept to celebrate. Our mission “We live in a world where everyone is scared to be their authentic self but if you dare to be what more do you have to worry about.”